It’s a funny question- what’s the next big thing in education.  Being a teacher for over 15 years, I have seen many “big things”.  Some were fads (trying to use Palm Pilots as instructional tools) while other have done well (interactive whiteboards).  Still, to answer the question, we need to see where we’ve come from. […]

How (not) to design an app

Well, if the title wasn’t enough, I learned the hard way about app design.  When the idea first came to me about designing an app, I knew exactly what I wanted it to do and how it should work.  After many hours working out diagrams on faxed papers and too many hours on Word making […]
While watching the opening ceremonies last night, it’s difficult not to be choked up with the event.  Here are throusands of athletes from all walks of life coming together to see what they can accomplish.  No matter the event, it has been a dramatic part of their lives for a long time.  What’s even more […]
When unveiled several years ago, many people did not fully understand the importance of the iPad.  How many of you have heard, “Basically, it’s just like my iPhone but bigger.” You can almost hear the jealously in the quote.  To say that an iPad is just a big iPhone is like saying the Space Shuttle […]
When the Amazon Kindle was first introduced, many people were calling it “the iPad killer.”  I remember when I first saw it I realized that while it has many cool features, it had two major drawbacks; the screen is too small for note taking and the screen is backlit.  When I bought my iPad 1 […]