It’s a funny question- what’s the next big thing in education.  Being a teacher for over 15 years, I have seen many “big things”.  Some were fads (trying to use Palm Pilots as instructional tools) while other have done well (interactive whiteboards).  Still, to answer the question, we need to see where we’ve come from. […]
Baltimore, MD  August 10, 2021 WeLearn Founder Kevin Giffhorn was interviewed on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network by host Eric Dye.  During the 12 minute segment they discussed the drive needed to create a company, what changes are planned for the eNotebook Business note taking app, and how the future of both the classroom and the […]
Baltimore, MD  August 6, 2021 WeLearn Software Founder Kevin Giffhorn was interviewed on ComputerAmerica’s nationally syndicated radio show.  On the air for over 21 years, Computer America is one of the longest running computer radio show.  Kevin spoke of the current role of educational technology and how it has evolved.  You can hear the podcast […]