Features & Benefits

Intuitive “Drag and Drop” File Management

  • Notebooks are created within seconds allowing you to organize your library by individual topics or projects.
  • Notebooks contain separate folders for downloaded files and annotated pages.
  • Downloaded files and annotated pages can be moved from one notebook to another.

Innovative Reader/Writer for quick transitions

  • Using an innovative “Reader/Writer” feature, eNotebook lets you switch from reading a file to writing on it and then returning to the original file with no file conversions.
  • Once files are downloaded, Internet access is not necessary for file management or taking notes.

Read and write over DOC, PPT, and PDF files

  • With most people using DOC, PPT, and PDF file formats, no file conversions are needed for you to quickly switch from reading a file, taking notes on that file’s page, and then returning back to reading the original file.
  • Handwritten pages are made using the Insert Blank Page feature.
  • The Pen and Highlighter features allow you to vary the color and width of the mark.
  • The Crop tool selects a section of a file and adds it to a blank page, freeing up the rest of the page for additional notes.

Great customer support

  • Users from all levels of school and business were included in the beta testing to perfect this app for digital notetaking.
  • WeLearn™ Educational Software is focused improving the digital notetaking process.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with a comment, concern, or suggestion.
  • Our searchable support forum contains tips and recommendations on how to maximize your eNotebook™ experience.

Print and Email from your notebooks

  • You can email or print entire notebooks or specific pages directly from eNotebook™
  • All eNotebook™ annotated pages are automatically backed-up every time the iPad syncs with the host computer.  Deleted notebooks can be recovered using the Restore feature.