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eNotebook Business multi-format note taking app being designed for the Apple App Store

Jul 31, 2012


Why settle for taking notes on only one file format when you can have them all?

Baltimore – July 31, 2012 – Being designed now, the app eNotebook Business creates digital file cabinets for iPad users. This app is created for workplace leaders who use a variety of file formats every day and want to take notes on these files. This simple app allows the user to keep the briefcase in the car and only bring an iPad to meetings or on the road yet still have access to both files and notes.

Based on the ground breaking eNotebook app, the user brings files from a variety of formats (DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, images) into the app and can display them in the app.  With the touch of a button, you can start taking notes directly on top of your file.  Additionally, you can add blank pages or even bring up a different document and take notes on it as well.  Bothe the imported files and the handwritten and types notes are organized in user-created project folders.

Many business-related features were added to this version including audio and video notes, typed pages, password security, and a zoom box to allow for more handwriting per page.

“When we launched the eNotebook app, many people in the business sector told us how they used it in their daily activities.  After hearing their suggestions we are happy to develop an app that will allow users in the business sector the same functionality and flexibility of a note taking app that works with multiple formats and different files while keeping everything organized within project folders.” said Kevin Giffhorn, creator of the eNotebook apps.

eNotebook Business is currently being developed and will start beta testing in late summer with a planned launch in mid-October.

Please visit for more information on the development of the eNotebook Business app.  If you would like further information or would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Monica Giffhorn, CMO WeLearn Educational Software
Phone:  301-514-2586
Twitter: @WeLearnSoftware
To download the eNotebook app:

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