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WeLearn Educational Software Founder and CEO Speaking at Baltimore Tech Breakfast

Sep 25, 2021

Baltimore, Md. – Hear the talk in its entirety here

WeLearn Educational Software Founder and CEO Kevin Giffhorn is speaking at the September 27th Baltimore Tech Breakfast, which is held in conjunction with Baltimore Innovation Week 2012.

Mr. Giffhorn will discuss the company’s eNotebook note taking app, which has sold in over 75 countries and ranked in the top 100 productivity apps on the iTunes app store—as well as demonstrating the redesigned and expanded version of eNotebook scheduled to be released in late 2012.

He will also share the challenges of launching an app in today’s competitive marketplace and of founding a startup while teaching full-time.

Mr. Giffhorn brings over 15 years of teaching experience, as well as engineering sales experience, to his role as Founder and CEO of WeLearn. “For too long, technology companies have told educators how they should change the way they should teach to fit the technology. We have developed technology that fits the way that educators teach and students learn.”

The eNotebook app sets itself apart from the competition by using a single-page approach to notes instead of the “scroll” approach. The single-page approach allows user to create electronic notebooks consisting of blank pages, notes from multiple files, and files from a variety of formats; the scroll approach only allows users to take notes on PDF files and does not allow them to insert blank pages or multiple source materials into their notes.

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